How to play Creepiest Pet Shop!

You can download a preview of the rulebook here (rules and layout subject to change in final version):

Creepiest Pet Shop is an excellent lightweight card game that blends together speed, matching, and take that mechanics to form a game that appeals to all kinds of people!

The simple to learn, fast paced game play, and adorable theme will appeal to casual gamers that enjoy games like Fluxx or Sushi Go! . While the competitive speed mechanic and cool renditions of cult classic monsters coupled with the many possible strategies for victory will  keep the more competitive gamers in your family entertained.

Creepiest Pet Pet Shop is also a game of skill. The more you play this game the better you become and the better you get at the metagame aspects such as knowing what cards to expect and which strategies to employ during the game. As time goes on and you and your friends and family get better the game grows with you into something more challenging and nuanced than it seems!

Lots of time was spent making sure that this game was balanced for all kinds of players. I wanted to make sure that this is a game that children and adults as well as gamers and non gamers could enjoy playing together! There are several different cards that can help stop a talented speed player from running away with the game so all players can have a chance to be competitive and have fun!

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