Skulls and Succulents | Interview with the Artist
Skulls and Succulents is a new clothing line geared towards cool, classy apparel with a southwestern flair.
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02 Jul Interview with the Artist

Q: What is Skulls and Succulents (SAS)?
A: Skulls and Succulents is a new clothing line geared towards cool, trendy apparel with a southwestern flair. We’ve got eye-catching designs that will make a bold impression, including geometric and nature print designs everyone will love to wear. We launched with our “Gold Series”, with other colors, styles, and products planned for the near future.

Q: How did SAS come to fruition?
A: Years of experience in similar industries led to mapping this project out, with the successful launch of our final build last Thursday, June 22. After spending time in several fields that all pertain to the fashion and design industry, we decided to utilize all the tools and skills that we’d been developing to bring SAS to life!

Q: What’s your backstory as a designer?
A: I was trained in traditional art mediums by both of my parents from a very young age, and I developed a passion for all sorts of creative fields as I grew older.  In my college years, I took up a graphic design internship with a local website development company up in St. Louis, Missouri, before eventually moving back to southern New Mexico.  I’ve worked as a freelance designer through my adult life, and more recently have had opportunities at several different graphic and web design studios here in Las Cruces.

Q: Do you have or plan to sell any products besides clothing?
A: Currently, we also offer our designs on posters, mugs, and postcards with future products planned as the business continues to expand.  We’ll see what does well as time goes on, and try to emphasize continuous themes and season-appropriate items.

Q: In closing, do you have any advice for other local artists?
A: Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, so that you can look back at all your accomplishments with pride.



We are introducing our brand new GOLD series, a collection of designs focused on the flowers and animals of the desert we call home.

I’m inspired by our community and our breathtaking surroundings and I want everyone to wear their desert pride too.

How it all came about, been in the works for quite some time I’ve been working on these designs for a while in my spare time for fun and then all the sudden it hit me, these would look great as a t-shirt series all together!
And then it was born, the GOLD SERIES. —- I feel like all my past experience in my various careers have all led me to this.

For the design, I’ve been drawing all my life ever since I could remember, so that was the easy part… I learned Photoshop during my internship in St Louis and never stopped learning all I could about it.

Photography- I wouldn’t say I’m a master photographer but I know my way around, taking photos of my friends and family is always a blast.

Then comes the e-commerce website, luckily I happen to know how to do that as well so I built it from the ground up myself.

Marketing, as a graphic designer being my real job for most of my life I understand that marking is most important and that means getting your name out there any way possible, and I do that by creating beautiful and captivating content for my Facebook and Instagram pages that people are really responding to!

For now, it’s all done online via the website. In the very near future, we’re looking at reaching out to local retailers and giving them a small supply station to sell directly to consumers.

Shoutout to my awesome family and wonderful husband who has supported me 100 percent in me pursuing my crazy dream!


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