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keena wolff las cruces graphic designer

Artwork has been a hobby I’ve been passionate about for nearly three decades.

I’m always taking on new projects and challenges in the interest of constantly bettering myself and my skill set, and nothing makes me happier than passing off a finished piece of artwork to a client and seeing the reaction to their new addition.

Beginning in 2008, I began training rigorously in Adobe Photoshop, taking on a large number of courses and an internship to experience this graphic- and photo-editing tool to its full extent.  Since then, I have done countless numbers of projects and commissions, many of which can be seen throughout this website!  In addition to Photoshop, I also have experience in Illustrator, Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing traditional artwork for my entire life.  Taking on a number of different art forms, I’ve been trained in multiple mediums including pencil, pen and ink, painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil), and airbrushing.  I was even commissioned to do a full-size mural, measuring 18 feet tall by 60 feet wide!

Bottom line is, I love what I do and that means you will get the best product no matter what you need from me.